Integrity Initiative

Su Clinica is a proud participant in the Texas Inspector General’s (IG) Integrity Inititiative, or IGII.  This is a voluntary collaboration between the IG, Managed Care Organizations, and Medicaid providers like Su Clinica.  The program helps to develop the best Medicaid system Texas can achieve.

To participate in the IG Integrity Initiative, Su Clinica commits to:

  • Incorporate integrity into our Mission or Values Statement.
  • Report all fraud, waste, and abuse to the IG whenever and wherever we find it.
  • Train staff on Medicaid integrity practices.
  • Include a link from our site to the IG’s website.
  • Display the IG’s Integrity Line posters.

We are very proud to partner with the Inspector General on this important initiative.  As a program partner, we pledge our commitment to corporate integrity at every level.

Want to learn more? Visit the Inspector General’s website by clicking on this link (you will leave the Su Clinica website):