Questions and Answers

What is a community health center?

A Community health center, or federally qualified health center, is one of over 1,400 independent health centers across the United States that offers a wide-range of medical, dental, and support services for the community. Health Centers are open to everyone in the community, including those who have insurance and those who do not. Su Clinica offers services to the community on a sliding fee scale based upon family size and income. The federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) provides assistance to community health centers so that they may provide access to affordable care for those who don’t have health insurance and for those who live in areas with a shortage of doctors.

Health centers are locally operated and are governed by a local board of directors, a majority of whom are patients of the health center. Going beyond the traditional doctor’s office, health centers like Su Clinica also offer medical, dental, lab, x-ray, prenatal care, pharmacy, nutrition counseling, podiatry, and more.

Is Su Clinica a free clinic?

No. Su Clinica is a federally qualified health center that is authorized to adjust fees based on family size and income. Help to provide these discounted services is provided through support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Qualified patients may be asked to contribute a nominal fee for the health care services they receive. Su Clinica also participates in a variety of state and national programs that are available for qualified patients.

As a community resource, Su Clinica opens its doors to the entire community. All residents of Cameron and Willacy counties are able to come to Su Clinica for care. The clinic currently serves over 28,600 men, women, and children. Because demand for services is high, some of our clinics may not be accepting new patients at the present time. Please contact your nearest clinic site to see if they are accepting new patients.

My kids are in school all day, do you have evening clinics?

Yes, Su Clinica offers evening and weekend pediatric clinics in Harlingen and Brownsville. Our pediatric evening clinics are open Monday through Friday. Our weekend clinics are open on Saturday and Sundays in Harlingen and on Saturdays only in Brownsville. The clinic also provides an after hours Nurse Help Line at 956-365-6000.

Are your pediatricians board-certified?

Yes, all of Su Clinica’s pediatricians are board certified. If you prefer a board-certified Family Medicine doctor for your child, we also have them available in Brownsville.

I’m pregnant, do you offer prenatal care?

Yes, Su Clinica offers prenatal and women’s health services at our clinics in Raymondville, Harlingen, and Brownsville. Su Clinica provides you with an experienced team of OB/GYNs, Certified Nurse Midwives, and Family Nurse Practitioners who have been providing prenatal and delivery services for over three decades. Su Clinica also participates in programs that may be able to help you with the cost of your care and delivery. For your comfort and privacy, our Women's Health services are separate from our other specialty clinics within the main building.

Our pediatric and dental team is also here to help you through your child’s first years of life. And our Outreach staff is available to help you register for services and for other programs like the WIC program.

How do I know you offer quality care?

Su Clinica, at its Brownsville, Harlingen, Raymondville, and Santa Rosa clinics, has been awarded Recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Program. The Recognition Program assesses whether clinicians and practices support the delivery of high-quality care.  The programs are built on evidence-based, nationally recognized clinical standards of care.  NCQA is governed by a Board of Directors that includes employers, consumers, health plans, quality experts, and representatives from organized medicine.  Ask your provider for more information on the benefits of a patient-centered medical home.

Can I choose my own doctor?

Su Clinica believes in a patient centered approach to care. That means you are an active partner with your medical team. Our belief is that you should be able to choose your own doctor. At registration, you will be asked for your choice of provider. If that provider has room available on his or her panel, you will be assigned to their panel of patients. It is important to know that the patient centered model goes beyond the traditional doctor-patient relationship by assigning a whole medical team to work with you and your family for a life-long healthcare plan.

What else do you offer besides medical care?

Community health centers go beyond the traditional doctor’s office by offering the services you need most--all in one convenient location. We offer: pediatrics, internal medicine, family medicine, dental, women’s health, pharmacy, podiatry, lab, x-ray, nutrition counseling, referrals, social services, outreach, and prescription assistance. Whether it’s a diabetic foot exam or an x-ray of your child’s broken arm, Su Clinica saves you time and money by offering more services in one place.

I see another doctor. Can I still get discount medications at Su Clinica's pharmacy?

No. You must be a registered patient at Su Clinica in order to use the Su Clinica pharmacy. Call the Registration Department for an appointment.