We are proud to offer you quality health care at four convenient locations across the Rio Grande Valley.

You can register at one of our clinics in Brownsville, Harlingen, Raymondville, or Santa Rosa.  Take these three simple steps to experience all that a community health center can offer you and your family.

If you need help or would like to talk with an outreach worker, please give us a call at 956-365-6000 and we’ll set up a personal appointment.


Stop by one of our clinics and meet with a Registration Specialist.  We’ll ask you for some basic information about you and your family to see what programs you may qualify for.  For a list of what to bring, see our Registration Checklist.

Number_Circles-02Choose your provider.

Once you’re registered, we’ll ask you to pick a provider. Depending on your needs, this may be a doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner,  or certified nurse midwife.  They will lead your personal health team at Su Clinica and work with you on a health care plan.

Number_Circles-03Schedule a visit.

Now that you’re registered and have your personal healthcare provider, it’s time to schedule your first appointment.  Be sure to allow a little extra time at your first appointment because we’ll want to spend a little more time learning about you and your health.


Mom_and_baby Having a baby?

If you’re pregnant, call our Women’s Health Center and we’ll connect you with your own personal assistant to help you get registered for complete prenatal care.  

When your delivery date nears, we’ll help you choose a pediatrician for your newborn and provide personal help with your baby’s registration and first checkup.

Call our Women’s Health Center today.

Brownsville Women’s Health956-831-8338

Harlingen Women’s Health956-365-6000

Raymondville Women’s Health956-689-2196