Welcome to your medical home.

What we will do:

Learn About You

We’ll learn about your medical history so we can prevent things before they become serious. Having the complete picture will help us provide better care for you.

Respect you

We’ll keep your health information private. We’ll also try to provide you with services in locations and at times that are convenient to you.

Help you reach your goals

Our team of doctors, patient educators, social service workers, and outreach workers are here to support you along the way to a healthier lifestyle.

Communicate with you

We’re here for you when you might get sick but we’ll also be here to provide you with friendly reminders for things like annual checkups, immunizations, and health tips.

What we want you to do:

Share your story with us

We’ll learn about your medical history so we can look out for things before they might happen. Try to be as complete and honest as you can so that together we can make the best decisions.

Learn about your health

Look at different treatment options, their risks, and benefits.

Communicate with us

Ask questions and discuss any problems or concerns you may have. Tell us about any medicines, supplements, or herbal medicines that you take.

Work toward your goals

Create an action plan and work with your medical team to reach your goals. We’re here to help.

Help us improve

Give us feedback on how we’re doing. We welcome suggestions and comments from you.

Su Clinica is a community health center built with you in mind.

We bring together many services under one roof so that you can have one convenient place to call your medical home.

Together, we will help you reach your healthcare goals, now and for the future.